Can You Sew


Can you Sew? 

If you own a sewing machine and would like to use it to make face masks and other PPE equipment we need your help. 

Ideally you will use an industrial sewing machine because it is faster but a home sewing machine will work as well. 

We pay $.50 for every mask that you bring us finished. We will supply all the materials except the thread. We will pay bonus amounts for the higher quantities you bring back. 

If you would like to participate you need to follow these steps. 

  1. Click this link and fill out the form. You can either email, fax or deliver in person to us. 
  2. We will contact you to come to our facility to pick up a sample pack of masks to take home and sew. 
  3. Upon return of the masks and approval of the quality we will then provide larger quantities based upon what you think you can sew in 1 week. 
  4. You will need to return the sewn product on the day you promise. 
  5. We will pay you cash money for what you sew. 

Below is an image of the mask that will be sewn.