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For 50 years Landes has been Getting Carried Away with crafting beautiful, functional textile products Made in the USA and made to fit any occasion or need. 

Started in 1971, LandesUSA is leading the way in fabric solutions that embody color, function and style. From graphic tote bags to functional salesman kits our team of designers and developers can apply the attention and skill necessary to make your project a success. 

Specialties include: 


 Full Color totes Promotional Totes, duffels and other items with Full color decoration or screen printing made in a variety of fabrics such as canvas, polyester, nylon, heavy weight vinyl and more. Made in the USA. 
 OilMan Duffel  Oilman Duffels which are very heavy duty carry all packs for heavy duty applications such as off shore oil field workers. 
 Salesman Kit Salesman Kits: We take a product you need to be carried, presented, and protected and create the perfect case for the sales people to meet with clients and display their wares. 
 tees Contract Printing: We can handle you tee-shirt job from 50 to 50,000 units. Talented artists and printers work together create lasting images to promote your organization. 
 MedKit  Medical Kits: We have a line of medical kits for patient care use. 

Collegiate Licensed Product: Our Desden division is a line of collegiate licensed articles primarily for the female fan. Items such as crossbodies, aprons, bucket bags, and more. 










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