Billboard Bags: Recipe for Success

  • Apr 8, 2017

Here's an idea! What if we turned all of these useless, obsolete vinyl billboards into a promotional bag? 

Has your marketing team thought of that one yet? It is indeed a great idea for many reasons, but it is not without, let's say, things you need to consider. 
1. At the top of the list for why billboard bags is this - It's an Unmistakable message of your brands commitment to recycling! 
2. They are very durable. The vinyl used to make billboards is quite heavy duty and makes a strong, heavy duty tote, portfolio or other item. 
3. It's made in America. so not only green- it's also red, white and blue! 
4. Every bag is different. Depending where it's cut from the billboard the image you see will be something different on most all of the bags. 
So that sounds great, what could be the problem? Well, not a problem really just things to consider when venturing into this project: 
1. If your billboard has a lot of solid color like a white background many of your bags are going to be white. When posting photos of examples we pick the most colorful vibrant we can find. But depending on your billboard it may look like this: 
Google Billboard Bag
2. We use every inch of the billboard because that really is the purpose- it's a recycling effort so we will not waste material just to achieve better graphics. (And it's not cost effective to cut around blank areas). 
3. Old billboard can become brittle. Make sure your billboard vinyl does not crack when you fold it tight. If it does you should pick a different vinyl. 
So, if you consider some of these pitfalls and determine the benefits out weight the challenges, then I highly recommend a billboard project. 
Contact your local ASI distributor an tell them you want to do a billboard project. Have them contact LandesUSA, ASI 66230 for more info.


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