Corona Virus Idea

  • Mar 18, 2020

Here's an idea!

What if your clients sent coloring totes like this one below to all of their parents who now find themselves working remotely with little ones at their feet? Think what a surprise and delight it would be for the company to have these appear at the door step of their employees with kids.


Landes will even drop ship these via USPS for only $2.25 (v) per shipment plus the plus the postage cost for home delivery.


And for a custom art design our art department can work with you for something special.


Normally the mins on this are 240 but we have a special price of $3.20 for only 100 units.


Also, if you would like us to pack other fun items into this tote we will take delivery of those items pack them into the tote and ship. We will charge $.25 (v) for each item added.

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